One Superior Formula – Five Different Products

The Formula

Cannabinoids & Terpenes

We select the specific cannabinoids that science is showing to provide the most hope and combine them in proprietary ratios with plant-based anti-inflammatory terpenes to maximize their effect.

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For All Mammals

Blended with hemp and MCT coconut oil, our formula includes monk fruit, apple and ginger extracts for natural fruit sweetness. Effective and tasty for all mammals, especially dogs, cats and their humans.

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Pharmaceutical Standards

GMP Manufacturing

GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices. Unlike other companies, Pebble products maintain a pharmaceutical level 10% variance. 3rd Party Testing ensures the end product is free from contamination, is consistent in its manufacture, and has been checked for quality more than just at the end phase.

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The Science Behind Pebble

See the current cannabinoid research and indications for cancer & neurological conditions, and Pebble’s proprietary research based formula of anti-inflammatory terpenes & cannabinoids.

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Referrals & Rewards

Spread the Word

See our list of referable conditions – We’ll repeat your most recent order for free, and also automatically setup the person you refer (as an already diagnosed medical patient) with a permanent 40% off.

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Financial Assistance

The Pebble People Program

Sometimes we all need help. Pebble provides financial support for those with diagnosed medical conditions and active/retired military personnel.

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“That was the first time in three days that I was able to rest without a pain pill. This company and their products are amazing! Thank you Pebble.”

Sandra B., Chronic Pain

“Pebble has helped relieve the pain and has helped with my sleep. It has also helped keep my anxiety at bay.”

Miranda G., Anxiety & Diabetes

“I have been taking Pebble… for the past 3 months and I feel better than I have in years.”

Julie W., Clinical Depression

“After 4 weeks of taking Pebble, my doctor tested my sed rate and it was down to… The lowest it has been for many years.”

Susan L., Psoriatic Arthritis

“Pebble softgels have been a complete game changer when it comes to our son’s nightly sleeping patterns. It used to take him hours to finally go to sleep, now he falls right to sleep and sleeps through the night.”

Suzanne R., Son With Severe ADHD

“I am no longer lethargic, moody, and tired all the time. It has really made a difference in my seizure free life.”

Chase W., Epilepsy

Available for Brazil – Disponível para o Brasil