Get to Know Pebble

Our Name, Our Company, and Our Passion for Advocacy.

The Concept Behind Our Name

Just as a tiny seemingly insignificant pebble dropped into a giant lake can cause ripples that extend all the way to shore, a small amount of Pebble hemp CBD product can have a far-reaching effect on your health and wellbeing. A pebble-sized daily serving of our infused hemp CBD oils or hemp CBD soft-gels can create a powerful ripple effect in your life for the better.

Our Company — Texas Based, Texas Proud

Pebble Global Holdings, selling to the public as “Pebble,” is a Texas-based subsidiary of AcquiFlow LLC. AcquiFlow, which now has a presence in multiple states, Canada and Mexico, has been nationally recognized since 2014 as the “first open, legal and transparent Texas-based cannabis company.

Given our Texas roots, whenever legally and logistically possible, we source our ingredients exclusively from local, Texas-based farmers. This means that as hemp becomes legal in Texas, we will be cultivating that crop right here in our home state. We are committed to providing the safest, highest-quality hemp CBD products possible. We only sell products to our customers that we are willing to give to our own families.

Advocating for What We Believe — and Believe In

All Pebble hemp CBD products are made from industrial hemp, which is legal to sell, ship and possess in all 50 states. Our products contain 0.3% or less THC and have no psychoactive effects. That said, Pebble and our parent company, AcquiFlow are committed to helping end Texas and Federal prohibition of cannabis and are advocates for the establishment of a responsible legal cannabis industry. We oppose the legal persecution of individuals earnestly seeking relief from physical ailments and medical conditions — which ending of prohibition would address.

The advocacy movement in Texas has faced overwhelming odds, not unlike David against Goliath. But we know more than most that size is no indication of power or potential. Just as in that epic battle, the underdog overcame overwhelming odds, armed only with a slingshot, five “pebbles” and the knowledge that this fight was not his alone to win. We have faith that ending prohibition is the right side of history. We believe “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” includes the right to seek better health and wellness, including alternatives to conventional medicine.

In support of the movement for a legal cannabis industry, Pebble’s founder, Patrick Thomas Moran co-founded the Texas Cannabis Industry Association (TCIA) in November 2014. AcquiFlow later joined as a corporate member. TCIA has attracted national attention and a large social media following. As a partner with Texas A&M as well as most of the major state and federal advocacy organizations, TCIA aggressively works to educate and advocate at the state level and is involved in the advancement of many federal initiatives. Part of every dollar you spend on Pebble products goes directly to TCIA to help in the fight to end Texas and Federal prohibition.