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Pebble is Texas Based, Texas Proud

Pebble Global Holdings (“Pebble”) is the Texas-based subsidiary of AcquiFlow LLC. AcquiFlow (now a licensed Texas Hemp Producer) has been nationally recognized since 2014 as the “first open, legal and transparent Texas-based cannabis company.” Read about our corporate history in the press.

Pebble is Life Sciences, not a “CBD Company”

While we began by researching CBD, Pebble evolved quickly into a life science and consumer products group focused on multi-cannabinoid plant-based formulations. The CBD company market niche of vapes, topicals, gummies, etc. does not serve the Pebble patient demographic well.

Pebble’s value proposition is focused on chemotherapy palliative care and neurological disorders. We strive to improve the standard of care for these specific patient categories. Our products are consciously developed to maximize safety, effectiveness and affordability.

Pebble’s Research Foundation

The Pebble in-house case studies were designed as “open label” and lasted 12 weeks each. They included seven autistic children (ages 5-12); three teens/young adults (ages 15-26) with multiple neurological disorders; and one adult (age 63) undergoing chemotherapy against pancreatic cancer. We also included two canines: one Border Collie (age 10) with degenerative arthritis and one Great Dane (age 8.5) with osteosarcoma (bone cancer).

After documenting encouraging results, like the Great Dane who experienced a 50% tumor reduction and autistic kids going from nonverbal to verbal for the first time in their lives, we began gathering data direct from Pebble’s customers. We discovered that over 70% of our customers are dealing with a serious neurological condition (inflammatory pain, arthritis, migraines, MS, Parkinson’s, PTSD, seizures, severe anxiety/stress) or take our products as a chemotherapy palliative (inflammatory pain, nausea, neuropathy). Almost all came to Pebble by word-of-mouth from their doctor or another successful patient or customer.    

Knowing that inflammation is a key indicator in both neurological disorders and cancers, we dove into all the valid research we could find and landed in the United States National Library of Medicine, a branch of the National Institutes of Health. Gathered within those databases and beyond is credible cannabinoid scientific research, dating from the late ‘90s to present. It reveals encouraging results, for both cancer & neurological disorders, using the same cannabinoid isolates (and not just CBD).

Pebble focuses on the specific needs of the patient demographics (dosing, delivery, concentration, et al). We conducted R&D on an improved formula to serve Pebble’s customer base, using the three critical cannabinoids (CBD, CBG & CBC) in specific ratios and with whatever other plant-based, anti-inflammatory ingredients would be most helpful.

Pebble on the History Channel

Pebble on the History Channel