“My back—I haven’t had problems since. Pebble has been just like a magic thing for my back.”

Barry took the time to chat with us about the amazing changes that came from adding Pebble to his daily life. Less than an hour after trying his first sample, he put in his first order and has been a customer ever since!

So can you tell me about what your challenges were before you tried Pebble?

Yes, I’ve had bad back issues. I tried acupuncture—that was a big deal for me.  But one day I tore up my back and it did not come back around. Then one day I was walking around with a friend of mine and he was pretty vague. But he talked about CBD oil. 

He said, take a sample of this. I took a sample of it hoping it would help my knees. I took this sample and an hour and a half later, two hours later, I could walk up steps without a lot less pain. I would say at least 70% of the pain in my knees is gone. That’s incredible.

So I said, I’m going to get this stuff and the next day that I purchased it. That was around November last year. And so I take CBD oil every day. My back—I haven’t had problems since. Pebble has been just like a magic thing for my back.

Last year in September, I had gone to a doctor. A big-time back doctor. He gave me shots. I’ve never done that before.

Were they cortisol shots?

Yes, they didn’t work for me.  I went to extremes. Tried and tried to get something to heal me. But since I’ve taken CBD oil, I have had no problem.

That’s awesome. What’s been your experience working with the Pebble team?

I travel quite a bit and try to see you guys when I can. Whenever I’m going to travel I let you guys know and you have been great about shipping it to my location. 

Also, I have friends in Santa Fe.  They’re on CBD now and they had success with it too. Just overall the whole body.

If you could share one piece of advice with somebody in your situation, what would it be?

My back, it was like, that was going to stop pretty much anything. Trail running. Working horses. Shooting. Now I’m good. I say try Pebble. I just think it’s really, it’s just really good.

Thank you so much!

Yes, ma’am. You’re welcome.

Thank you so much Barry for sharing your story. Nothing makes us at Pebble happier than helping others.

We want to thank Barry for taking the time to chat with Pebble. Nothing makes us at Pebble happier than helping others.

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