Forbes recently published an article titled “Marijuana Study Finds CBD Can Cause Liver Damage.” The article refers to a study where mice ingested high doses of CBD, using a pharmaceutical CBD-based drug known as “Epidiolex.”

Pebble is Different.

Epidiolex (the 1st CBD-based FDA approved pharmaceutical) is a high concentration CBD-Isolate (100mg/1ml). That’s double the mg count of Pebble’s most comparable product (1500mg/1oz has 50mg/1ml). However, Pebble is full-spectrum and when you read Epidiolex’s ingredient list, you’ll see it actually contains other pharma-ingredients to further bolster the inferior CBD-isolate.

Where the Forbes article talks about potential liver damage from high-concentrations of CBD, it is similar to what the pharmaceutical industry did with Lithium. Lithium comes from “Lithium Orotate” – an abundant salt found in well water. Like CBD, some people’s body chemistry needs it to maintain neurological balance. Taken in it’s natural full-spectrum mineral form, a consistent 15-50mg a day is more than enough for most folks.

Pharmaceutical companies then isolated the most active-ingredient (Lithium) and turned it into a prescription-only drug. As an isolate, “Lithium” is only effective at extremely high-concentrations (1800 mg/day)  which if you read their warning label can cause liver damage, thyroid issues, etc. In addition, over time Lithium isolate loses effectiveness, forcing the patient to take more or move to another prescription.

That is why Full-Spectrum Hemp is superior to CBD-isolate. As Pebble’s founder, Patrick Moran explains: “Health Science has proven that eating real fruits and vegetables is better nutrition than taking one isolated nutrient. It’s more effective to eat an orange than to take a vitamin C tablet. That’s the basic concept behind whole plant medicine. Rather than take an isolated compound, like CBD alone, it’s more effective to utilize hemp’s full spectrum of therapeutic compounds.”

The Pebble Difference: Safe, Effective, Consistent.