“I have been taking Pebble Life CBD supplements for the past 3 months and I feel better than I have in years. I was diagnosed with clinical depression about 20 years ago and have been on either Prozac or Wellbutrin until now. I have noticed that I have more patience, more motivation and fewer side effects than with any anti-depressant.

I like to describe it as if I was seeing things out of focus this whole time and now things just seem perfectly clear. I don’t feel as though I’m being pushed by a motor, I just feel good.”

 – Julie W.,  Clinical Depression

“My sed rate… has usually run around 47 (normal being 0-20). After 4 weeks of taking Pebble, my doctor tested my sed rate and it was down to 22.  The lowest it has been for many years.”

 – Susan L.,  Psoriatic Arthritis

“Pebble softgels have been a complete game changer when it comes to our son’s nightly sleeping patterns.  It used to take him hours to finally go to sleep, now he falls right to sleep and sleeps through the night.”

 – Suzanne R., Regarding her son’s Severe ADD/ ADHD

“I am no longer lethargic, moody, and tired all the time. It has really made a difference in my seizure free life.”

 – Chase W., Epilepsy

“…it seems to help with my stiffness and pain in my right arm.”

 – Kevin G., Parkinsons

“I use the softgels as migraine prevention, and have gone from bi-weekly episodes to one every few months. When I do get a migraine, the oil relieves it within 2-3 hours.”

 – Courtney M., Migraines

“He’s definitely seeing results. Differences in both his digestion issues as well as his anxiety.”

 – Shannon B., Regarding her son’s Anxiety

“I have suffered with a knee problem from an injury in college but for the last few weeks my pain levels have vastly decreased and I sleep better than I have in years.”

 – Wes W., Injury Pain Management