Pebble products are made from Premium Full Spectrum Hemp Extract.

Pebble products are solvent free. Every batch is also tested by not one, but two third party labs to ensure the highest standards on the market. We believe in transparency – Not only are these testing results available on our website, but we also provide information on the source for each batch.

We want to ensure our customers receive the most consistent and highest quality products – and that they can verify that for themselves with our “Track Your Batch” feature. You can view the test results of Pebble products for cannabinoid profiles, microbial testing, pesticides, heavy metals, and milligrams per dose for each batch.

Our Infused-Oil contains 50mg active CBD compounds per serving, and our Softgels have 25mg active CBD compounds each. But Pebble Oils and Softgels are not just CBD. They include additional ingredients in a proprietary formula to enhance the benefits of CBD. These ingredients include peppermint oil, ginger, and other natural substances that complement CBD and make it even more beneficial.