Julie is a mother in Texas who was diagnosed with depression when she was in high school. Her story is one of the many that inspires Pebble to work with and for families. Read her interview:

Tell us a little bit about your family?

Okay, well, sure. So I am married, and we have a three-and-a-half-year-old son and we have two dogs.

And I have had some sort of depression probably, oh gosh, since I was a sophomore in high school, probably even before that that. I just wasn’t diagnosed.

I have been using antidepressants. I started using Prozac when I was out of college. I took that for probably a decade. And then I was put on Wellbutrin. They put me on increasing levels of Wellbutrin and the last level I was at was double nutrient, 300 milligram extended release, which I think is the highest you can go probably.

Then I learned about CBD.

How did you feel about trying CBD?

You know, I was a little apprehensive about taking it because of the THC. I didn’t know if they could get that fully out and it would that show up on any drug tests. I was interviewing for positions at places where you must take drug tests. But Patrick [Pebble’s Founder & CEO] reassured me about this.

I really do feel like an expert after talking to Patrick. I kind of have an insider’s knowledge about this now.

Did the Pebble help with your depression?

I have to say, I mean it wasn’t like instantaneous—I didn’t see rainbows and unicorns! But it was pretty soon after I started, and I titrated myself off of the Wellbutrin.

I just found myself being more patient with our son.  I found myself being more patient with him, with my husband, and just life in general.

How was it going off the Wellbutrin?

It was just kind of an easy move off of a medication that I’d been on for years, which makes me feel good cause I’m an all-natural gal now.

I feel like … I was trying to describe it to my husband. He’s like, “What are you doing? You just seem different. You just seem more chill.” I don’t know if those are exactly the words he used, but that’s what he meant.

And I said, “It’s almost like if you’re going through life without glasses and you need glasses—everything’s out of focus. And then it’s like if you just slowly put on glasses, it’s like, ah, this is how it’s supposed to look! This is how things are supposed to be! And that’s kind of how I feel. Yeah.

Oh—and you have to tell your doctor. They do not encourage this at all. So, it can be hard to get any support from a medical doctor. I have found that they can be few and far between.

How was it for you working with the rest of the Pebble team?

You guys have been stellar. So when I first placed my order, I got, a little email saying thank you for placing your order with Pebble.

And then, you got in touch with me because I had told Patrick how well it was working for me. So he asked if I would be willing to do this interview with you guys, and I said of course! Yeah!

Oh—can I mention something? I just thought I would just get everything out there.

What was your experience l working with the Pebble team?

They are fantastic. I can’t say enough good things about the team. They are always there if I have any questions.

I have never had a CEO pick up the phone for me before and Patrick [Moran] has done that! Which you can’t even describe that as a parent when you’re giving your child something. That there are people out there willing to help and to be available to take your call when you have any questions—no matter what it might be, whether it’s just this is what we’re seeing, is this right? Or, I have questions about dosing or how it could affect other medications. The people from Pebble have been there. Then every step of the way, even if it’s something as simple as, you know, billing or I can’t log in online. It’s always taken care of very swiftly.

Please do!

I don’t have migraines very often, but the other night I had a migraine and was vomiting throughout the night.

I didn’t even think about Pebble, didn’t even think about it. And then when I did think about it, I thought, oh wow. I finally did, I took the oil.

And within an hour and a half I was a hundred percent better! I mean,  thank God we had it. We had family plans for the next day. Without the Pebble oil, I would have been in bed all day vomiting.

So that was more of an eye-opener than the taking it on a daily basis. That was incredible. The way it works so fast. Seriously.

That’s so great to hear. If you could share one piece of advice with somebody in your situation, what would it be?

Oh, start sooner rather than later. Don’t put it off. Seriously, I wish I would’ve known about this years ago. And it makes me sad that people are living lives that they don’t have to live all because of bureaucracy and misinformation.

Thank you so much for your time today!

Thank you!

We want to thank Julie for taking the time to chat with Pebble.

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