MD Anderson & Pebble (more than just CBD) – Cancer Research Partnership

md anderson pebble cancer research partnership

Since day one, the Pebble team has been serious and focused on helping patients battle cancer and severe neurological conditions (like Autism, CDKL5, PTSD, Fibromyalgia, et al.).

After Pebble’s early case studies provided data-backed results, we were blessed with the opportunity to partner with (literally) the top-rated cancer treatment hospital in the nation – MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC). Thus began the journey to bring a cancer-specific FDA prescription medication to market.

Using the exact formulation found in our 6000 Oil and 4500 Liquid Caps, MDACC put Pebble to the test; first in-vitro (petri dish) and then in-vivo (mice). We’ve had COVID-19 delays and challenges we never could have imagined when we began. But we persevered and now, over two years into the process, those first studies have provided promising results.

We now have the data to go back to the lab and prepare for human trials. And that’s exactly what we’re about to do. Keep reading if want to learn more about where Pebble has been, where we’re going, and what that might mean for you…

The base formula was invented in-house…

pebble formula cancer research

Pebble is the only pharmaceutical grade, GMPc manufactured, and cannabinoid-based product available over the counter. We realized early that our customers don’t care whether Pebble is made from cannabis, cauliflower, or cucumbers. They just want it to be safe, effective and affordable.

“Please help us stop the nausea and vomiting.”

“Please help my child from seizing thirty times a day.”

So our R&D team (led by an early cannabis industry pioneer and two regulatory experts) spent a year and a half working thru all the anecdotal claims that come from the cannabis & natural-medicine community about different cannabinoids (CBC, CBD, CBG, et al.) and terpenes (e.g. alpha-terpinene). They then cross-referenced those claims against whatever NIH-level research exists. There is actually more substantive research than most people realize, dating back to the mid-90’s. We then eliminated the potential ingredients that could have undesirable side-effects (like drowsiness or agitation) and studied research on compound ratios to come up with the formula. Eventually, taking what word-of-mouth suggest and science shows to provide the most potential, we selected six specific ingredients and combined them in the best ratio we could determine to maximize their effects. That’s the formulation you can buy today, that MDACC just finished studying, and that we are now patenting.

We’ve just begun. Our next steps will include fine tuning of the current formula to target individual use cases and we expect that to result in multiple formulas with specific applications.

The Initial Research (Case Studies & 1st Pre-Clinicals)…

Once Pebble had the formula in-hand, we had to establish and learn how to maintain both pharmaceutical grade ingredient sourcing and GMP certified manufacturing. It’s worth noting: that was (and continues to be) no easy task in the cannabis/CBD industry environment. There are a lot of reasons in this immature, emerging industry why we’re the only ones to maintain those standards. It was clear we were going to have a lot to prove, not just scientifically, but to keep ourselves and this company raised above the fray.

Pebble has always been blessed with many physicians among our investors, consultants and extended team members. Our founder is from a family of nurses and doctors. So speaking medical language and focusing priorities in the best interest of patients is ingrained in Pebble’s culture. With some great coaching, the Pebble team learned how to conduct in-house case studies. We knew at the onset that no matter what we found in a case study or how successful our patient stories, that data would still be anecdotal. However, it could serve as a basis, a focal point demonstrating a level of safety and efficacy, from which to tee-up formalized preclinical studies – always with an eye toward eventually engaging the FDA.

Pebble’s first case study was with seven children, ages 5 to 12. Each is ‘multi-diagnosed’ with Autism and at least one other severe neurological condition (e.g. Pandas). The process was tough. There were some very emotional phone calls and emailed reports with parents in need of solution. Pebble helped a boy who was able to get his hair cut for the first time in his life, without having to be held down and screaming. Another was a family whose child had been non-verbal until Pebble allowed him to make his first attempts to speak. The results were very exciting! They confirmed our faith and gave us the confidence to go further.

We got better at the process and eventually took on several more case studies, including fibromyalgia and pancreatic cancer palliative care. These two in particular really stood out for what Pebble brought to the people. Using a combination of our 6000 Oil and 4500 Liquid Caps, the cancer patient eliminated her post-chemo-cycle nausea and neuropathy and it became part of her routine. The fibromyalgia patient reduced her daily pain from an “8” to a “3” and dramatically reduced her neuropathy, by first taking 200 mg of 6000 oil a day. She then cut the serving size in half to just 100mg, by switching to the capsules. Findings like these, even though not conclusive or considered scientifically valid, helped attract the attention of MD Anderson Cancer Center.

MDACC’s Head of Gynecological Cancers, Dr. Anil Sood, became aware of Pebble through a mutual colleague and helped set up the MD Anderson research team that Pebble sponsored for the pre-clinical studies. After the in-vitro studies were complete, the early data was promising – so promising that we moved to in-vivo studies in mice and other non-clinical studies. All of this took place throughout the 2020 pandemic. This work was a great glimmer of hope that helped Pebble as a company persevere thru the worst of those days. It galvanized our Team. After almost a year delay, all the studies were completed May of 2021 and the results are finally being packaged to be reported.

That’s all great, but how might this help your family now… 

These studies by MDACC are building the framework for Pebble to move to the next step with the FDA and pursue status as an Investigational New Drug (IND).

Pebble’s over the counter formula is a success and may help many folks dealing with indications like nausea, neuropathy (burning, numbness, tingling, painful sensations), and inflammatory pain. We’re keeping it available through Pebble’s e-commerce store. We recommend the 6000 Oil and/or 4500 Liquid Caps. If you want a trial size to see if Pebble will work for you, try the 750 Oil or 750 Liquid Caps (same base formula, lower concentration, fewer servings per bottle). We provide detailed serving-size suggestions here.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask. You can reach a live, informed representative at 800-975-8720 (though you may need to leave a message first), email us, or via text using the chat bot found on the bottom right of every page on our Pebble’s website (see picture on the right – let us know through our contact form if you cannot see the chat bot 🙂

We love what we do at Pebble. We know how serious your need is and how hard it is to find a company and products you can trust. It started with a mission to help patients battling cancer and severe neurological conditions. It led to the top cancer research center in the nation and we are now preparing to start the next major leg of the journey toward human trials and a FDA prescription drug.

Thanks for listening to our story and welcome!

We’re grateful to have you along for the ride 🙂

*Update November 2021

As we’ve talked about, Pebble’s early formulas we focused on inflammation which led us to prototype formulation for neurological disorders and cancers. Pebble’s first sponsored pre-clinicals at MDAnderson showed promise for treating both adverse effects and possibly tumors. Now with CPRIT’s feedback from Pebble’s August 2021 submission, we have the data we need to hyper-focus on creating an optimized formula that kills cancer in synergy with current standard of care chemotherapies.

Toward that end, we are initiating new case studies focussed on K9 cancer to help gather early safety and efficacy data for R&D. Click here to learn more about it.