Looking to take a break?

We know so many people who feel cooped up in their houses – If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, try some of our favorite quick, stress-free relaxation tips to try at home:


I know, I know… You hear this one all the time. But with some practice, they really work! We prefer guided meditations for when you’re feeling especially anxious. The narrator takes a lot of guess-work out of the equation for you, allowing you to focus or get lost in a story.

Affirmations, on the other hand, are far more straightforward: a narrator says a phrase, and you repeat it. Reciting affirmations on a daily basis can rewire your brain to think more positively. You can recite affirmations while laying down, doing the dishes, taking a shower, driving to the grocery store – they’re effective no matter when or where you practice!

Just search “affirmations” or “guided meditation” on YouTube or Spotify for some free positive vibes!

Sphinx yoga pose

No yoga expertise needed for this one. Trust us, some people can barely touch their toes but perform this pose like it’s nothing.

The Sphinx pose opens up your chest and relieves pressure on your lower back, helping you breathe deeply and relax your muscles. Hold the pose for three to five minutes if you need a quick reset.

Breathing exercises 

Speaking of opening up the lungs, breathing exercises like these are a de-stress powerhouse! Whenever we start feeling a little stressed or overwhelmed, we take a few moments to focus on our breathing. The short, shallow breaths most of us are used to taking lead to less oxygen, leading to increased stress. Studies show that when you breath using your diaphragm (you’ll know you’re using your diaphragm when your belly expands) is an almost instant cure for acute stress.

Open a window

Truth be told, we can’t find any science to back this tip up, but this remedy for a subpar day can’t be beat. Sunshine and fresh air can boost even the most sour mood and instill a sense of calm in no time. Opening up a couple windows creates a cross-draft, which allows even more fresh air into your home. Weather not so great? Open the window anyway! The sounds of rain on pavement or thunder in the distance really brings on the zen.

Have your kids and loved ones join it on any of these and have fun bonding while you all de-stress together!

Sending Positive Vibes from Our Family to Yours,

Team Pebble