Proprietary Critical Guidelines

These Guidelines are Not for CBD in General: Pebble products are proprietary formulas specifically designed to assist with serious neurological conditions. Hemp-CBD is only one of the active plant-based ingredients. The following guidelines do not pertain to general CBD consumption.

Not for Distribution: This guideline is intended as an in-house reference to help healthcare professionals determine the most effective serving size of Pebble products for their clients.

Safety, Efficacy & Consistency: Until the FDA establishes guidelines, Pebble is produced without regulatory oversight. In the interim as a standard-bearer, Pebble maintains protocols above the FDA’s supplements requirements by conducting two-rounds of Independent 3rd party testing. First, they test the individual ingredients before manufacturing. Second, a sample from every completed batch is tested by a separate third party lab. It’s the highest standard in the nation. Every batch’s results can be reviewed via the “Track Your Batch” page.

Not Intended to Replace Prescription Medication: Pebble is an over-the-counter supplement. It is not intended to replace prescribed medications. Consult with a physician before choosing to do so.

When & How to Use Pebble Products:

Liquid Caps: Most effective as a preventative, for long-term maintenance and symptom reduction (e.g. prevent most migraines from ever starting). Ingest 20-30 minutes before a meal and/or before bedtime. Effects begin to be felt in 30-45 minutes, provides systematic relief and builds cannabinoids in system over time. Most efficient product long-term, but takes longer (a few days, up to 3 weeks) for results to set-in.

Infused Oil: Most effective for immediate relief (e.g. migraine first coming on) or in emergency (e.g. to stop epileptic seizure or PTSD anxiety attack). Take sublingual. Enters the bloodstream in 90 seconds. Effects felt within 5-15 minutes, last 3+ hours. Also effective (but not most efficient) for long-term maintenance

Topical: Most effective for immediate local relief (e.g. arthritis, swollen joints). Apply a small portion and rub over affected area until absorbed. Effects should be felt within 10 minutes. If not repeat up to 3 times, waiting 10 minutes between each. For maximum long-term relief, use with liquid caps and apply only as-needed.

Transitioning From a CBD-only Product: Begin with a 1:1 replacement (e.g. if taking 50mg of product X oil per day, simply swap out for 50mg of Pebble infused oil). In 3-5 days max, the client should notice substantive difference. Over time, many then reduce their overall intake (making it more cost effective), due to Pebble’s targeted formula.

Titration Rule-of-Thumb: The full titration rule of thumb is two (2) mg of CBD per pound of body weight, twice a day. For example: a 200 lb person could take 800 mg per day, before concerns about ‘side effects’ (see below). For all except the most extreme cases (e.g. Intractable Epilepsy) the most-effective dose will be a fraction of titration and of no concern.

No Negative Health Effects: The World Health Organization confirms “naturally occurring CBD is safe and well tolerated in humans (and animals).” There is no risk of physical dependence and no abuse potential. The other Pebble ingredients are found in many family kitchens (just in less concentrated, pure form). Other than a specific allergy to one of the three other plant ingredients, there are no risks.

Mild Nausea or Diarrhea, if Ingest More Than Full Titration (see above): Too much of any good thing is not good. The worst side effects ever reported from any legitimate CBD product is mild nausea and diarrhea. Most clients find their effective dose is a fraction of full titration.

Mild Drowsiness: If a client takes more than their most-effective dose, the first indicator of the need to dial back is mild drowsiness that will be slept off in 4-6 hours. This fact can be used as a tool to help find an individual’s most effective dose or as a mild sedative (more details under “Dosing Recommendations”).

Dosing Recommendations: These are starting points to be adjusted up or down (in 1/2 serving increments), on a week-to-week basis, until individual client’s most-effective dose is determined.

Autism, Multiple-Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Lupus. Epilepsy & other seizure disorders

    • Ages 5-12 100 mg per day: one dose (50 mg) morning pre-breakfast and before bed.
    • Ages 13-18 200 mg per day: one dose (100 mg) morning pre-breakfast and before bed.
    • 18 & Over  250 mg per day: one dose (125 mg)  morning pre-breakfast and before bed.
    • If client over 200 pounds, increase starting total by 50 mg per 50 lbs body weight.
    • For all: to relieve stimming and/or harming behavior during the day, give extra 1/2 to full
    • dose of infused oil. Behavior should decrease within 10 minutes.

PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Bi-Polar:

    • 25-100 mg per day. Can be taken morning, before bed or both. Client should experiment to see which is best for them, their routine and needs.
    • For immediate relief from an episode/attack: Take extra dose of infused oil. If possible, take 15 minutes prior to trigger event (e.g. before walking into loud, public gathering)

Reumatoid and Other Types of Arthritis:

    • 25-100 mg per day. Can be taken morning, before bed or both. Client should experiment to see which is best for them, their routine and needs.
    • For immediate relief of localized pain/inflammation: apply topical direct to the affected area.

Sleep Disorder:

    • 25-100 mg taken 20-30 minutes before bed. Best to start high and then lower servings.

Pain & Symptoms- Crohn’s, Fibromyalgia, Side Effects of cancer treatment/prescription meds, etc:

    • 50-200 mg per day (infused oil, liquid caps or combination).
    • Client should experiment to see which is best for them, their specific condition and needs.


    • One (1) liquid cap per day, morning or before bed, as a preventative.
    • At first sign of migraine starting, take one (1) serving of oil. If full migraine hits, take 2-3 oil servings and attempt to nap in a quiet, dark place.
    • When wake, migraine should be gone.

Important For All: If new to CBD in general & client needs immediate relief, start with Pebble infused oil then can choose to transition to liquid caps (1/2 dose at a time), 3-4 weeks after most effective dose determined.

Pets: safe and effective for dogs, cats & other mammals, with same age & behavior-related symptoms as humans (e.g. inflammation, anxiety, hyperactivity). Dosing is the key factor. Using the infused oil, place a few drops on a treat or in food. One oil dropper holds 30 drops and contains 50 mg CBD. With full titration at two (2) mg CBD per pound of body weight, twice a day (e.g. 20 lb dog = 80 mg per day max), most pets need only a few (3-10) drops. If desired effect not seen in 15 minutes, repeat until desired effect or reach max titration. Signs of too much include vomiting, lethargy & diarrhea. If any of these occur, provide water and call your vet.

*Special Statement regarding Warfarin (Coumadin): Check INR lab testing within 3-5 days of initiating/changing Pebble serving size while on Warfarin – re-check INR levels in 1 week intervals until Pebble serving & physician prescribed Warafin dose are stable. High INR may cause bleeding or higher risk of stroke, low INR may increase risk of stroke or blood clots.

*Check with your physician before taking Pebble if you are currently using any of the following prescription medications: clopidogrel, phenytoin, amitriptyline, or sulfoylureas.

*Potential Prescription Drug Interactions with CBD: Clobazam (A first line treatment for Dravet Syndrome)

*Special Statement regarding other prescription medications: Always inform your prescribing physician if taking Pebble. Rare increases in liver function tests have been seen at high doses of CBD.