The Pebble Team


Patrick Thomas Moran

Founder & Product Development

With three generations of medical professionals on his mother’s side and his father’s side of the family immersed in commercial agriculture, Patrick Moran was destined to start Pebble. His entire life has prepped him for entering the health and wellness category. Beginning in 2013, he began applying his personal knowledge and experience to focusing on the emerging cannabis industry. His personal quest to help others achieve health and wellness, his professional expertise, and his family’s simple-ingredient recipes are the perfect formula for the success of Pebble.

Dr. Bryon Tarbet

Research and Development, Product Development

Dr. Bryon Tarbet is a second generation organic and biochemist. His father pioneered new products at the intersection of chemistry and dentistry creating new denture adhesives and the first sensitive teeth toothpaste. After working in industry, Bryon struck out on his own to create new products to impact health and well being in both people and animals. His interest and passion for creating top quality products has served him well and contributed to the formulation of these next generation pain relief blends for Pebble.

Dr. Scott Bier


Scott has 20 years of experience in the medical field and is currently the facility medical director for a free standing emergency department in the suburbs of Houston.  Additionally he is an Iraq War Veteran with 18 years of military service. Between his positions in the military and the medical field, Scott has nearly two decade’s of management and supervisory experience. As a physician, Scott has been an avid supporter and activist for medical marijuana reform and serves on the board of the Texas Cannabis Industry Association. In this capacity, he has attended several meetings at the Texas State Capital to lobby legislators in support of bills ending the prohibition of medical marijuana in Texas. Scott also has been involved in the cannabis industry for five years as both an investor and an entrepreneur.  He holds a bachelor degree from Tufts University and a Doctorate from Drexel University College of Medicine.


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