The Pebble Team


Patrick Thomas Moran

Founder & Product Development

With three generations of medical professionals on his mother’s side and his father’s side of the family immersed in commercial agriculture, Patrick Moran was destined to start Pebble. His entire life has prepped him for entering the health and wellness category. Beginning in 2013, he began applying his personal knowledge and experience to focusing on the emerging cannabis industry. His personal quest to help others achieve health and wellness, his professional expertise, and his family’s simple-ingredient recipes are the perfect formula for the success of Pebble.

Mandy Baker

Sales Executive

Mandy has worked in the medical field for 10 years, primarily in the areas of sports medicine and clinical research. As an endurance runner, Mandy has firsthand knowledge of the physical and mental demands athletes experience on a daily basis. While her primary interests with Pebble are in the physical and mental applications to the athletic population, she also advocates for its use in physical medicine and mental health across all populations. Mandy holds a bachelor’s degree in Sports Medicine & Athletic Training from Missouri State University, and a master’s degree in Kinesiology from Kansas State University.

Andrew Baker

Sales Executive

Andrew first entered the cannabis industry in 2014 with Pebble’s parent company, AcquiFlow. His experience in business intelligence and health care regulatory reporting have informed his view of industry regulations. In addition, his background in analytics and risk management have assisted in navigating the expanding CBD market. Andrew is most interested in the potential neurological and mental health applications for Pebble. He also has personal experience with inflammation and other physical challenges that go along with being an endurance runner.

Wes Williams

Board of Advisors

Wes is an oilfield service company executive who founded a water recycling company focusing on saving billions of gallons of fresh water in the oilfield. Prior to founding that company, which he still operates, Wes operated a company involved in exporting goods from all over Asia. Wes became involved in the CBD industry due to the fact that he has a family member with epilepsy and was friends with Dr. Tarbet.  Dr. Tarbet has done vast research in that area. Wanting a product that was safe and effective for his family member, Wes has been active with Pebble since its infancy. Wes has been involved in all aspects of Pebble’s growth from working with its branding company to flavor testing the product. 

Carsey Leigh Merchant

Creative Director

Travis Merchant

Director of Business Development


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