WPA4A put out a great blog post about the cost of CBD: “Price Per Milligram (mg): How to determine if you are paying a good price.

They walk through the simple math to show that it’s not about the cost of the bottle. What counts is the cost per milligrams of CBD within the bottle and the product’s overall effectiveness.

So if we use Pebble as an example: our 1500mg/oz costs $149.95. at full retail (before any coupons or discounts). 1,500mg/$149.95 = 10 cents per milligram.

Do that same math on every other brand you’re considering. Then include the following factors in your due diligence, to help predict overall effectiveness:

1) How many milligrams of CBD per full serving?

2) How many servings per bottle?

3) Is the product made from a CBD-isolate or from Full-Spectrum Hemp?

4) Is the product 3rd party tested? (if no, don’t buy that brand)

5) If yes, are the full lab results available for the exact batch of the item you want to order (so that you can verify the truth of the above answers)?

For Pebble, to review full lab results use our “Track Your Batch” feature and the Batch-ID on the bottom of your bottle. We are double 3rd-party tested. First with each source ingredient prior to manufacturing. Second, a random unit is tested from every completed batch.

Free of solvents, pesticides & heavy metals.

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